Monday, February 21, 2011

Charity Begins at Home II

On Christmas eve I wrote Charity Begins at Home. My intent was to offer ways you can make a difference in the lives of those in our community. It was also my hope people would see it really takes so little to make change and help out.

Sadly in my many wanderings to search for links and resources I still find the same repeated questions. How can I help? How can I get help? So today I offer more ways you can make a difference.

Use your profession to help out! It is rather easy to forget we are all qualified to do something and that knowledge can help others.

If you work in the medical field you could make people more aware of health issues or offer your services.

If you work in business you can teach youth how to do everything from write a resume to interview tips.

If you work in the food industry you could offer your services, try to redirect excess food to those who need it...

Those are just a few fields and suggestions. You all have skills or knowledge. Share it.

Continuing with education help create libraries for our community to use. They can be at centers, schools, or public libraries. Donate LGBT books, dvd's, CD's, and print items to such institutions to further help educate and offer support. Its easy to do. See if they are willing to accept the donations and what they need. Most will be happy to accept your help.

Last time I suggested you advocate. Continue such by making your voice known. You and your opinion matter! Post replies on blogs or news sites. Create videos on YouTube, write a book or an information phamplet. It all adds up. No contribution is too small.

Do a mail or e-mail campaign on any LGBT issue or cause. Such things are not just for large organizations. You might be surprised how administrators, bureaucrats, and executives don't like being put on the spot and will try to accommodate you.

You shop all the time. Hold companies and stores accountable with your purchasing power.

These are just a few more suggestions on how you can begin change and make a difference. We must create the fire of change in each of our communities. It is easy for those who wish to hinder our progress to fight one or two large efforts but to try and extinguish a million brush fires is an inferno that can not be subdued. Light the fire of change in yourself, your community, and the world. Your actions do matter and can elicit change.

Raise your head in pride, foster hope all around you, and realize it all adds up. You just need to start doing so yourself. Don't wait on others to start something. Help is needed now and you all can do something, so do!

It all begins with you!

Love is Never Wrong

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