Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Grand Masquerade

In a world of near instant communication anywhere in the world we as a society have been playing a Grand Masquerade. We hide ourselves in allusions of grandeur, lies, and deceptions. We have even deceived ourselves into thinking we are exempt from the rules of Humanity.

In our eagerness to belong, stand out, and find love we have forgotten a most important notion. We are speaking and acting before a fellow Human. Our words sting and blister as hot as any scalding liquid, our lies crash down the hopes of others, our distorted image of ourselves cast naught but a wretched image that really resembles little of ourselves, and our self lies destroy us just as much as they do others.

Life is not a party, you are not in costume, and although the Internet can provide a mask it is one of limitation rather than choice. Your guests and those you invite into your life are real. They may not be before you but they are there and as Human as you.

Speak with truth. Act with compassion. Acknowledge respect. Extend dignity!

Be true to yourself and be true to others. We are all voyagers in this Human journey. Do you want your legacy to be of masks and false party games or of connections and true difference?

Take off the mask, remove the cloak of distraction, and be Human. We await you to join us.

Love is Never Wrong

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  1. I have little love for the people who feel free to say very hurtful things, behind the cloak of invisibility called the internet. Several of my blogger buddies have had to block followers, shut off anonymous comments all due to nasty, mean and fairly hurtful comments. Several blogger buddies of mine have been chased off blogger, due to hate filled comments.

    Often times the thought wanders through my head, what would these people be like in real life? Would they be back stabbers, unable to speak the truth? Or even more worrisome, are they kind, a good friend to most?