Friday, April 22, 2011


In the last several days on several sites I frequent words have become daggers, sentences became lances, and paragraphs bombs. People unleashed a war of minds and emotions. A war that should never have been.

When we choose to interact with people in life we may not always like what we read or hear. That does not give us the right to skip over respectful dissent to overt violence. And yes words can be violent. Sometimes they do more damage than a physical beating because you attack the core of a person.

People are so quick to dismiss words. They will say "Its just a word", "It means nothing", or even "Grow thicker skin." Everyone is different and can handle different levels of stress and assault. No ones pain or abilities should ever be dismissed. We all matter.

When you dismiss words you dismiss people. Everyone has a voice and everyone deserves to be heard. Everyone deserves respect and dignity. I know my mantra may seem like a tired call but it is true. Only in respect and dignity can we truly achieve and thrive.

Choose your words with care. A discussion is not about suiting up in armor and wielding the mightiest weapon to slay your foe. It is about exchanging your thoughts and views in life. It is respect. It is extending dignity.

Even if someone completely offends you and your views extend respect and dignity. You can disagree and you can choose not to participate in a conversation with them. But leave words as tools for exchange. For when they become weapons you plant a seed that grows a bitter fruit.

So be kind, be respectful, and extend dignity to those you encounter in life. We are all people and have feelings. So with words extend what you deserve.

Love is Never Wrong

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