Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sometimes the hardest thing in our lives is to maintain our spirit. For whatever reason we falter and things can build up and cause us to crash in a dramatic spectacle of life. Sometimes we ignore warnings and others we never see them coming. It all impacts our spirit.

I believe the hardest thing we must learn in life is accept your failures and disasters. None of us is perfect and we will falter at some point. It is however important to pick yourself up, admit such, and carry on. Be humbled, be honest, and resume your journey in life.

Take with you the lessons of each falter and fumble. Learn to recognize and overcome that which has brought you low or hurting. Seek out those you can trust and release your burden. We as Humans have a remarkable ability for compassion. We should extend it and accept it.

As much as you share success share failure. Everyone should know its ok to have crisis or pain. Its ok to ask for help. Its ok to need others in life. We share a connection and our Humanity its bond.

Maintain your spirit like a lone candle in the windy night. place it in a lantern and guard it from the wind. Keep its flame strong and right it when it falls. Reignite the blown out wick and blaze once more. Your glow is your spirit and it shines brightly as you allow it. It may ebb and flow with the wind but it is there. You be to.

From one ever ebbing and flowing spirit to another, I hope to see your flicker in the distant night.

Love is Never Wrong

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