Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dance With Me

For some time now I have been watching the events in Russia and have become rather concerned for the LGBT community there. New laws being passed suppress the very existence or voice of our community. It is a crude and old method to attempt to control a group by removing their right to even debate in public. They may not be able to speak without repercussion but I can.

To deny a voice, a life, to your own citizen, a son, daughter, mother, or father is to deny yourself. The hate you spew forth invades your community like  a nest of bitter vipers. You teach hate and intolerance. You set in motion the formations of sanctioned groups who will undermine your society as they seek to carry your limitations further. You create a system where they will judge you and the power slowly slips to them. Be careful the virulence you unleash it may consume you and millions more.

Here is a video produced by Side By Side an international LGBT film festival in St. Petersburg.

Side By Side's main site. It is available in Russian and English.

Coming Out is a LGBT equality site in St. Petersburg. It is available in English and Russian.

All Out is an international equality site that took up a petition against the laws. Maybe a new petition is needed Check them out and their original petition drive. It can be a bit slow to load be patient.

You know this reminds me of our own LGBT history here in the US. A time when same sex couples could not dance together in public without fear of arrest so gays and lesbians paired together when needed to conceal their innocent desire to just express their joy.  They danced as they would until a watchful eye came around and then they concealed their love.

So to my Russian readers I say take a lesson from us. You may not be able to speak or hold a sign or banner without persecution but you can dance. And if you think about it being visible in a completely normal and innocent expression is just as moving and informing as any. Show them love and that it is natural.

Dance with me!

Love is Never Wrong

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