Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Love & Pain

Today I want to talk about love and pain. We lose so many to struggles forced upon us. We wage wars inside our soul just to realize we are. We are valuable, loved, and intended. Such a rough journey for such a simple destination. Love and pain should not be the same.

When we can not be who we are, have our existence questioned or threatened, or even be denied the right to speak we fight a silent battle questioning our very lives. Our path becomes a struggle to answer questions of hate and ignorance, a road of validation. But the truth is we are valid.

Our life, our love, our very existence is not anyone's to question. We are here and have always been here. We are as natural as any other. We love as deeply and as passionately as any other and it is pure. As for our life anyone who proposes harming you or forcibly changing you to fit their view are the ones in question. Life is sacred. When you question it for whatever reason you commit a grisly deed, denying another Human.

I know many of us go through times when we question what seems like everything about us and our place in this world. Maybe our life is full of taunts and violence, we struggle to identify our gender and sexuality, or even desperately hoping to find someone like ourselves. Our hearts grow so heavy they hurt and our eyes weep the pain of unkindness.

But I say this, close those eyes and imagine that special someone you want to dance with, that perfect kiss, the dream job, even that proud walk where no one cares who you love. Imagine knowing peace and love can and does go hand in hand. Dream of your children smiling and laughing because you showed them love and the soul so many do not know.

Feel that smile tug at your heart as you envision that moment, that love. Take that love and make it. The world is the expression of our dreams. The power of creation is in us all. We are blessed with the power of love. It can shape the unformable and define our waking day. Know that love you envision and share it with the world.

I know the lies and pain in our hearts can make us believe we are about to break and we are stuck in a nightmare but it is not so. We simply need to realize we can't give up because life is about love. First, we must muster our own before anything can change.

When you find your love nurture it and let it grow. Wear it proudly. I'm not talking about gender or orientation but you. You are much more than any single definition or expression. Know in confidence that you are. You are love, life, and certainly exist. Deny any of that and the dream is naught but a nightmare.

Life require diligent work and it it won't always be easy but it is so worthwhile and precious. A moment of love can turn the tide of pain and change the world. A smile, a look or surety, even a cry of pain to a fellow soul are badges of honor in a life of love. We are not invincible but our love is.

Unleash that glorious wind in your soul and let it change the world. Allow all that pain to wash away in a glorious display. A vision of love. Show us your beauty in all its wondrous imperfections and let loose that smile that turns into a laugh, because love and pain are not the same.

Love is Never Wrong

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  1. It is very hard to love oneself, when you have no choice but to hide who you are. It's even harder to love yourself when you dont see the "correct' sexed person looking back from the mirror. Loving oneself, can be the hardest task in the entire world.

    But, as always, your kind words are like salve to the enbattled soul