Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Chronicle So far

Continuing on my last post I would like to offer everyone some links to our history. This is only a fraction of what has been lost or hidden but it is a start. Find out who we are and what we have done. Like anyone we belong and have contributed. Maybe we can add volumes to our great chronicle. It only takes one to begin the pen's journey of revelation.

The Schwules Museum is located in Berlin and covers and exhibits many items and topics of gay life and history. The site is in German. (Germany)

Centrum Schwule Geschichte is a library and archive located in Cologne. The site is mainly in German with some English information.(Germany)

The GLBT Historical Society & Museum is located In San Francisco.

The Tucson LGBTQ History Museum is a timeline style site with many links.

Southern California LGBT History. The site seems to still be under construction. However a timeline and some simple references are available.

Untold London is a site with many links to information about Gay art, history, and society. (UK)

Plymouth LGBT Archive (UK)

The LGBT Religious Archives Network stores and collects history of LGBT religious movements around the world. Explore the deep faith many of us have.

For an overview of LGBT history you could read the wikipedia on the topic. It is more a analytical review than a personal study.

History and life stories are out there. These are but  a few. Find your heritage and contribute yours. Societies, Museums, Libraries, even archives exist and some may be very close to you. Take the time and learn.

Love is Never Wrong

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