Monday, June 13, 2016

The Value of Life

It is sad when we must be shown reminders of life's value. The tragic event in Orlando has left 50 dead and 53 wounded. Hate, selfishness, and greed have once again left their calling card on the lives of people not just in Orlando but the world.

Some of us don't realize yet just how costly such things are. They don't understand just how wrong they are. So I shall try to relay the importance.

Like Orlando I was shaken when a dear friend recently. In the midst of discussion he told me he did not think all people mattered. He had resigned himself to believe only some were capable of being saved and mattered in the long run.

So where to begin? Life, matters. All life matters. We are quite simply a part of a whole so grand our minds could explore indefintely and never reach an end. Life is the fabric of reality. It shapes every bolt, colors every skein, and weaves its self into brilliant creations nothing else can.

Take one of the primitive and isolated tribes still here on the Earth. They are much the same as they always have been. They choose to live in peace and reject what is not theirs. They choose to remain pure.

Pure....what a word. We have only to look at other primitive societies to see what happens when they finally succumb to people more advanced than them. They lose their way, they are exploited, and they are hurt. There is nothing pure about that.

Now some would argue they choose to make contact, interact, and to interfere stopping  it in its self exposes them to harm. And on each of those counts they would be wrong.  People, life, deserves a chance to be free, they deserve to be left alone, and their life is most certainly their own.

You see in the rush to achieve whatever goal you have, lofty or hideous, we have forgotten it's not your choice it is each and every one of ours. Just as the many can not dictate to the few, the few can not dictate to the whole. 

So what am I trying to say? The value of life is measured in every thread of that grand fabric. As I have mentioned before removing any piece, against it's will, will undo it all. And if you have ever tried to use a blanket full of holes in winter you quickly learn the value of those threads you pulled out.

You may not like a color, a texture, or even a pattern but you must realize you only have rights to your own thread. One thread can not dictate to an another how to be and one pattern can not remove another simply because it interferes in its grand design.

Like the primitive peoples we are all seeking to be pure. Pure in that which is us. No one has the right to take that from another. Exploitation, coercion, and harm are no ones right. And if you stand idlly by allowing it to occur, knowing full well the thread or threads have no clue what is about to rip them asunder then you are just as guilty and the ones who do.

Why do I say this? The blessings of life are fostered by us all. If we can not stand up to those who would cut a bolt into pieces for selfish needs then you by default have forfeit your own thread. If you can not stand with another thread how can you argue for the sanctity of your own?

Like in Orlando someone just cut a large swath from the fabric of Humanity. They did so selfishly and greedily. The reason does not matter as much as the act. We each have our lives, our choices, and our free will. Like it or not many threads were just forcibly removed from the fabric of life.

Do you leave the holes till winter or do you stand and let the cutter and all like him know in one voice you have no right. You have no right to take what is mine. You have no right to undo what we have created. You have no right to harm.

Some would say how do we achieve justice for such an act. You achieve justice by being vigilant. Stop those you know mean harm. I don't call for violence. That is how we got here. When threads have issues be it their own or those pressed upon them the answer is what those primitive peoples seek, purety.

If any thread of Humanity can not function in the fabric of others maybe they need to be separated so they can weave their own cloth for a while. They will quickly find although it is pleasing to be so free in design that they are only one thread, one texture, one color. When that variety is gone their world gets substantially smaller and dimmer.

I've had my own thread hacked, cut, stained, and harmed in so many ways. But in this I say in all clarity it is mine and mine alone. No one else can barter me or decide for me. And as much as the fabric has hurt me I am a part of it.

Mend the holes we know bear and stop any future ones for no one has the right to rip asunder a bolt without full, knowing, and unclouded consent of each and every thread in its design. Let your rainbow fly for every thread of it is us.

Love is Never Wrong!

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