Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Walking Wounded

I'd like to talk about being a wounded soul. Some of us have been so hurt and traumatized due to many reasons in life and it really is senseless. However not all wounds heal or heal quickly. If you have ever known bitter wounds you may understand. Not everyone does though so I shall try and explain.

When minds, bodies, and our very spirit have endured to much many things can happen. At the very least we will become walking wounded. At worst we will collapse in upon ourselves. Ideally no one should have to get to these points but we are not in a perfect world.

Being a walking wounded person means a lot of things really but in short your resistance is very thin. Some may lash out freely and bitterly to prevent any further harm. Others may just shut down and simply exist rather than live. Still others may completely lose themselves to a madness.

I could list so many things of what can occur but they all depend on what has wounded us and how long we have endured. Having been a walking wounded and in some cases still one I can tell you the best cure is peace, love, and most certainly trust.

If people can not live in safety and security then there is no chance for recovery. That is the burden of society. We all must take part in the recovery of someone who is walking wounded. It is quite simply Human dignity.

Sadly to many ignore their role in taking care of those who have been hurt. I've heard some say I didn't hurt them. Why should I help. My reply is simple. You help because if you do not then you are hurting someone by allowing them to suffer. No one deserves to suffer.

There are many ways to help. Fight for tougher laws to prevent horrific crime and atrocities. Fight for people to get medical treatment. Help people get counseling. Probably most important ensure these people can live safely and peacefully.

We as a civilization are as strong as our weakest members. If we ignore them then we lay the foundations for a bitter future. People can and will crash and burn, sometimes in dramatic spectacles that not only hurt others but create new walking wounded.

If you know someone who has been through such savagery then listen to them. Listen very carefully. They will usually tell you what they need to heal. It may seem scattered but it will be there. Usually it means we need to protect them. Honestly I can think of no more noble job as to look out for someone so hurt.

We are each others guardians in life. It may be difficult and thankless at times but saving a life is a peace all it's own. It is also a task that may take a very very long time. If this job comes unto you remember in all things love. Because if you do it for love it is pure and can not hurt. If you do it for any other reason then you may continue the hurt and make things worse.

We have a lot of problems in society and a lot of people who are out of control and ignoring anyone but themselves. The seeds of those actions are harvested in the wounded. But the hope is with the blessings of the warm sun, gentle rains, and tender care of a gardener even weeds can become beautiful.

I know all to well how hard it is to forget and let go of some things. But the truth is we must remember them in order to deal with them. We must have help. We must have peace and we must have love.

If you encounter a walking wounded then please be a gentle gardener and help them find the sun and show them how to let the rains wash away the pain.  It's the best we can do. It takes so much good to counter every bad thing.

In the scope of time all of us who walk wounded may need millenia if we began working on us all right now. But the good thing is every step helps. Every action matters and every love lifts. I can't tell you to do the right thing you have to make that choice yourselves. You have to decide when do we stop adding to the problems of peoples lives or ignoring them.

For me I have my own simple wish. I wish for peace, love, and good people around me. Fame, fortune, power are all illusions of our ego. I'm tired of ego. It is time for this soul to bask in the blessings this world has to offer.

Come walk with me or another who has been hurt so badly and help us bask in the beautiful light. Live, Love, Forgive!

Love is Never Wrong!

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