Saturday, October 1, 2016


Lately I have repeatedly encountered contempt. Such a simple word that so many overlook or use poorly. A word that says so much but we seem to pass by on to bigger brighter topics. Contempt,  the feeling with which a person regards anything mean, vile or worthless; disdain; scorn.

I try not to preach or lecture. My goal has always been to educate or present questions for you all to explore. As hard as it is on this one I shall try to stay true to that. So let's talk about contempt of late.

When you publicly disgrace a person for race, gender, sexuality, or really anything that fall into a trait of being you are contemptuous. When you post mean and hurtful words and meme' you are full of contempt. When you deny basic respect you are in contempt.

Before I hear the arguments of it's free speech, grow thicker skin, or any of the other ilk realize it's not about being politically  correct. It is simply about Human decency. Society built all those social rules for thousands of years to lubricate interaction and foster communication amongst ourselves. yet in recent years we seek to toss away the old simply because we think it to heavy in ritual.

Like it or not we are all here. We are all equal. We all deserve basic respect.

Contempt is not always bad. But it's use must be proper and sincere. It is fine to mock or make fun of an idea or ideology.  It is not ok to make fun of people or things they can not help. Communicate in decency and respect. Else it is you who who become mean, vile, or worthless, not your target.

We as a people have come so far. Don't throw it all away because you find structure and ritual to be limiting.  Realize we are all the architect' of civil discourse. The structure is that which we decorate and live within. Express yourself all vivid nature within those confines. Live greatly or in a hushed murmur.

Whoever you are however you so choose to live do so without pulling down a central support of society else soon enough you will see the roof collapse upon you. We have lost enough people to structural failures. Please let us preserve what we have built, for it shelters us all in equal respect and abundance.

Love begins in respect.

Love is Never Wrong!

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