Friday, June 24, 2011


I have great hopes for us as the Human race. We are capable of so much and such beauty. We can achieve miracles and accomplish so much in such short times. We are not perfect but our struggle is perfection.

When we stop and realize that others are just like us; they hurt, they feel, they love, then they are Human. In our race to preserve our values or beliefs we tend to overlook whats most important, people. We are all Human and we only have each other. Life is too short to argue and fight.

Don't march to anyone's drum but your own. You are your own leader. Share a belief but make it your own and make sure you know it. Never let it hurt another. Have values but value others, even if you disagree. Understand our journey is about each others differences and experiences in life. Treasure diversity even if it is not your path.

We are all a family on this celestial sphere we call home. We may bicker and disagree but we are one people sharing a multitude of experiences and journeys through life. Respect our differences, choices, even failures. Because that is life.  We can be no one else and no one else can be us. At best we can advise and try to help each other along.

Take the time, invest in each other, and share your journey. Because we are all a member of Humanity.

So I end this today with an ancient principle of wisdom from our forefathers. The Golden Rule or Golden Law:  Treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

Love is Never Wrong

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  1. I'm hoping that as tech shrinks our world ever smaller and ever faster, that the ridiculous lines drawn between "them" and "us" will start to dissolve. Often hate and mistrust is only a fact of nothing more than having a different culture, eating unfamiliar foods, etc. Come on tech! Shrink our world like a shrinky dink and bring us to a point of understanding each other, and learning to appreciate each others differences.