Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Learning To Be Free

One of the greatest and lifelong lessons we as Humans strive to learn is learning to be free. Such a simple thing that so many of us seem to stumble over in life. It is one of those universal Human traits.

When we are young we learn to be free of our parents and adults. We learn to feed and clothe ourselves. We begin to learn skills and make friends. We begin to learn basic independence.

As we enter our teenage years we learn to be free of our families. We gravitate to our friends more, begin thinking of what we may do in life, and even further learn the basics we began in childhood.

By the time we are thrust into adulthood we we learn skills of jobs, life, even relationships. Some see this as the most free time of life. But basically we learn to work with others and start to create our own life, to be free as individuals.

Entering into middle age we strive to be free of the demands of others. For many, in our adult years, we succumb to the will of others and lose our own path. So in this time we strive to reclaim what we have given up.

In our older years we are mostly comfortable with ourselves and seek to be free of the complications of life. We have learned many lessons and now seek the most simple way to express our freedoms.

All of these are powerful lessons to learn in life but they are only a few. We as LGBT have many more to learn than the average person. We must learn to be free to be who we are, express ourselves, to even live. We learn to let go of the limitations demanded by others, we must be free to love ourselves and the beauty that we are. We must learn the freedom to love.

My list can go on but many of us already know our obstacles. What I want to say is be free. It's that simple. There is always someone out there who will love you. There is always someone who will care. There is always someplace where you can be open about your true self. And most importantly there is always another view of what is presented to you.

Just be free. Be you and live happily. Freedom starts from within. Only you can ignite its flame.

Love is Never Wrong

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