Sunday, March 29, 2015

Freedom of Thought

Today I would like to talk about freedom of thought. It is a grand concept and desire for so many. The ability to hold your beliefs freely and in peace, to live your life as you hold dear,. and  a central pillar of liberty for all.

The well being of people truly rests in the ability to think for yourself and be secure in the knowledge no one will take that from you or seek to oppress you for your thoughts or existence. It is a vital part of democracy. The calling card of free society.

In this basic Human right is also the grant to be free from another's thoughts. Be it social, political, or religious people have the right to be safe in their lives and free from forceful control. The blossom of liberty is just that liberty to be who, what, or what you desire to be.

It's is not a difficult concept to understand but it is a frightening one. Some people see allowing others the freedoms they possess  an affront to their beliefs. By allowing others something they do not support an overt act against them.

You know freedom is a tradition and life choice that must be nurtured. It is a foundation that must apply to all or it applies to none. How many have died to establish that hope that one day we can all live? We can live free and in peace.

It is not a betrayal of ones conscience to allow others things you may not agree with. It is a betrayal of freedom if you do not. Freedom of thought is freedom from thought.

Just as no one should force their will upon you, you should not force yours upon them. Only in equality do civilizations thrive. Otherwise you always have a dark blood strewn alley that haunts you. You hurt people. You stifle life its self.

As I already mentioned freedom of thought is a simple concept but it is not so easy to practice. You must give and take with all those around you. Sometimes that means you are not the most important in needs. And that's a concept to be ok with. Our goal in life should be to lift up and protect all those around us.

It is not about if our action agrees with what we as individuals believe. It is trust, compassion, and love. It is the true elevation of the individual. Without it we are merely a collection or faction. All people in life matter and contribute wonderful things to all of our existence.

I've mentioned before Humanity is a splendid cloth and each of it a thread. Whatever our color, shape, style, or vibrance we a part of the whole. Remove one and you weaken the whole fabric. Rip it out and you leave a gaping hole.

Be proud of what we are as a whole. Don't be frightened if a thread is different that what fits you. No one is making you become what you are not. You know the rainbow is not just an LGBT thing it is a Human one. It is the bridge that unites us all under a brilliant hue of thoughtful wonder. Would you pluck red from its radiance simply because you didn't like it?

That which exists, exists for all. Love diversity, Honor thought, Respect life. Telling words so chosen by many so long ago. Maybe in our time of fear we should trust that our lives are our own and that another's only affects us if we choose to let it.

Be free! Be free to be you. Be free with others. And most importantly know it's ok to not agree. I say this because in our wonderful world we are billions of varied threads interwoven in a  bolt so grand none of us truly see its majesty.

Gaze upon diversity. Gaze upon life. Gaze upon what the simple right of thought can create. The rainbow fabric of creation is all our heritage. Treasure it, nurture it, and love it.

Love is Never Wrong!

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