Thursday, March 26, 2015

When Hate is Shrouded in Religious Authority

Today I now live in a state that has enshrined the ability to discriminate solely upon peoples beliefs. So the inquisition begins....

Any LGBT person here in Indiana can now be denied a job, a home, the ability to shop for food, and even medical care by anyone claiming its against their religious beliefs. In spite of popular disapproval of the people, business, and even some religious groups it has been signed into law.

As expected business is already pulling out of the state. I imagine as it begins to be execute so will a migration of people. Certainly I can assure all those who are not LGBT you should beware also. If you are atheist, a member of a different religion, or even a different race be very aware its is a short leap till they persecute you.

Will we see the return of the school of thought that black people bear the mark of Cain? And as such can be denied service due to religious belief? Will Jewish people denied service if they do not accept Christ? Will Muslims be expelled as heathens? Will hospitals turn out those in need because a person conflicts with their beliefs?

Any law that denies existence to any people simply for existing is wrong. It is one thing to hold differing beliefs and be protected to hold those beliefs. It is another to hurt people. Life is not a game and people are not things to be cast aside as rubbish. You would think the world ha learned its lessons about the first steps into darkness.

To Nelson Mandela the barbed wire now cuts us to. To Ann Frank I fear some of us may have to hide as well. To all the oppressed I sing your tune.

Love is never Wrong!

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  1. What a hideous can of worms Indiana has opened. Hate is very corrosive to society, and unsealed from the bonds of social mores leads to violence and a branding of the hated as less than human. We can see this time and time again in history, and this time the view is a close up one, especially for you.

    Growing up in Indiana was a double edged sword. I love the gentle beauty of the land, but found so many people mired in hate and bigotry.

    Stay safe gentle blogger, and be well.