Friday, March 13, 2015

How "Dyke Soup" woke me up!

I've not posted in quite some time. My health and real life seem to sap most of my desire and energy. I guess it's easy to let some things go. Links of Love is one of those projects I never really expect much contact with people but hope they can find helpful sources to lift their lives.

Till now I've been content to just leave the links and thoughts from me up to continue to help those in need. That was till yesterday. When you don't feel well and you have lots of time you begin to look for things to distract you and hopefully make you smile. For me one of mine is watching YouTube content.

One I watch is a collaboration of several large YouTube personalities. They stream on Twitch daily and for the most part are entertaining. Well yesterday they are nearing the end of one of their live streams and one of the characters in this series asks what a certain fluid is. One replies sewage and quickly another, who is their server admin, adds "Dyke Soup".

You know I've heard a lot of hateful things in life and seen many bigots and hatemongers. But here in a gaming series produced by young twenty-somethings one of them decided to equate being lesbian to eating feces. The old label your dirty, nasty, and disgusting reared it's ugly head.

I stopped watching that instant. Instantly I was sad. How many young women who may be struggling with their sexuality were watching? The group has millions of subscribers in total. How many just had to hear "Dyke Soup." How many were already depressed or in bad places already and hoping a simple game series would distract them? How many?

I began this blog to try and help our youth and really anyone who needed help or support and here several years on I'm still worried what will set off more youth to step over the brink. It's sometimes hard enough being a teen with normal issues let alone being LGBT.

My sadness turned to anger as the day went on. Anger at someone so insensitive as to harm young viewers. You know I can handle bigots saying what they want to an adult but children and teens? No!!! It is absolutely shameful.

To degrade a person for their very being is vile. This is not like normal bullying. People with glasses can in most cases get contacts or vision correction. The overweight can lose weight. Being a geek can be fashionable. No this was an assault on the very being of anyone being lesbian.

With so many breakthroughs recently we still face threats to our youth. My anger turned to myself. I had not been helping lately. Then sadness returned. It really has been an emotional day.

So here I am! My job is not finished. So my lesson for today is surprisingly a cooking recipe.

Dyke Soup

2  Wonderful Lesbians  :)

1  Part Mutual Attraction

2  Whole parts of Love

Mix well and let simmer. Serves 2 with much happiness.

Love is Never Wrong

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  1. Why people think comedy is about making fun of others escapes me. Comedy can poke at peoples foibles, society's silliness, and of course political humor is always on the menu. But to talk in such a degrading manner about a group of people for a laugh is horrible, and is wrong, wrong, wrong.

    I hope you get to feeling better. Its very hard to be ill for long periods of time. I was diagnosed with Celiac and multiple food allergies and finally began to heal, but had been sick off and on my entire life, until a point came where I was spending 15 hours a day in bed, much of asleep. No memory, so weak that opening the fridge was beyond me, and having to have my husband cut up all of my food and serve it to me in a bowl, as I couldnt work a knife and fork. I spent 10 years like that until finally an answer was found.

    I hope you find your answer and begin to heal up!!