Sunday, January 24, 2016

A Curtain Call

Here we are six years later and I have offered so many links, advice, and personal stories. I know I'm not a big blog and it's certainly not what I have ever strived for. Quite honestly I am not sure where to go from here.

This began as a way to help whoever needed it, wherever they may be. I must have resonated to at least seven of you that subscribed. My hope is that all this has mattered to at least one person. Hopefully you have found support here.

As for me I am tired in poor health. It is time to allow this project to remain as is and let whoever needs it to read. I may not stop posting all together but any regularity is probably now finished. It is my sincere hope that if I have helped you that you will pass such grace onto others in life. We must preserve and lift each other up.

In all due honors I have a few people I would love to thank. They have kept me going for so long.

Sean Chapin. I always wanted to meet you. A long chat would have been quite enjoyable. Your music was inspiring. I hope your life is full of love and hope.

Biki, my dear perky yet rebellious friend just be you.

Jay & Bryan, just lead, inspire , and share.

The many LGBT news providers that have now dwindled, thank you. Sometimes we need perspective from our views.

Now to all of you my dear readers live your life. Enjoy your life. And pleas love in your life. To borrow a line "All you need is love."

Love is Never Wrong

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