Saturday, January 2, 2016

Holding Hands

Most of us in life think of holding hands as something only parents do with children or those in love share. This is a problem I think. So  many of us in our journey need a hand and it is such a touching act to simply let another know you are there for them.

Many of us get lost, feel alone, or just hurt. We need another to just reassure us at times. We need someone to help us find balance or focus. We need comfort when we hurt. The gentle truth is we need another to let us know we are not alone and we will be alright.

Life can sometimes be so difficult and painful and we are not always sure where we stand or what to do. Because of that no one should ever be left alone, denied help, or ignored. Everyone in our lives deserves respect and honor. We may not be able to solve all the problems in someones life but we can let them know we are there and we care.

We can show love, compassion, and provide a stable point for them to anchor in their violent storm. We can guide the lost to a source of help or knowledge. We can shelter the exposed. We can guard the wounded.

I've already told you all so much about love. This is Humanity. Have you ever wondered why the term Humane come from the same word that describes us? It is in all simplicity the depth of our hearts when we shine. We tend all those in our presence and sacrifice to ensure they are alright. We do this willingly and without question.

Love, the greatest bandage, shelter, guide, and nourishment in existence. Maybe we should use it more often. Could you see a world where love graces all who need it? Now that would be a true sight indeed.

Love, love the world and all those in it!

Love is Never Wrong!

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