Sunday, February 7, 2016


In life we face many obstacles sometimes these are so difficult and heart breaking. Sometimes you find a depth of cruelty no Human should ever know. Sometimes we suffer unjustly. No matter how hard the path we must walk it.

I have known some very cruel people and paths in my life and I can tell you, you must stand. No matter how much you hurt, ache, or bleed you must stand. You must stand and resume your journey. The things and people who bring us down should not keep us down.

It's never easy when we walk a dark path. The Human journey in all its glory also carries many tears and shattered lives. Sometimes it's hard to see the light with the dark phantoms that haunt some lives. Sometimes those shadows walk in the light.

So the answer is simple. Stand and walk. Walk to a bright place and bright people. Be! Know those shadows only follow you because they can not exist in the light. Know you dispel them by becoming beings of light. Dispel the darkness. Be free!

What I propose is not easy and many in this world will hurt you and try and keep you down. But stand anyway. You are Human, you have dignity, and you have beauty. Leave dark things to their places of misery and bask in brightness.

The simple truth of life is power comes from within. Every soul matters. Cry out your beautiful song, dazzle the world, and send out vibrations through the very fabric of Humanity. Let them know you matter, you exist, and you love.

Blind the unjust with truth and stand in glory. Such a simple thing of me to say but such a difficult task. Don't fear though this soul has already reached out to you. I'm telling you it's ok. I'm telling you live your life and love. Most especially love you.

When you finally stand please take a sweet moment to smile. Smile in the knowledge you just got up. Smile in the hope your act of strength has now inspired others. Most importantly smile in the knowledge you can and have overcome.


Love is Never Wrong!

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