Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Power of One

You know one of the greatest challenges many of us face in life is struggling to be ourselves or be free to do so. All to often in life some people or group wish to bring you into their fold or force you into it. They believe there is security, stability, and peace in one way, one rule, and one world.

Please don't believe those lies, deceptions, and illusions. Whether you are spiritual or not there is one truth. We as Humans are one people, but made up by the many. In short we have free will. What a wonderful thing to enjoy.

Don't get me wrong some abuse their will or make mistakes. Still the benefits of the individual far out way being bound to others. Now this does not mean we do not interact or tend to our fellows. It means every single one of us matters.

It's ok to think differently, act differently, and look differently. So many will tell you that you need to think less and follow more. That quite simply is not true. Yes we should be good people and be respectful of others but we are not cookies and no mold fits all of us, no matter how hard you try.

I've mentioned before we as a people are a fabric. Each of us and our life is a thread. Each thread is a different color, shape size, texture, even material. Some of us may even have prints or embellishments. That's ok.

Whether you are religious or not we all have free will, we all are different. The differences in us are not things that separate us. They are the things that bind us and allow us to grow. Can you imagine a world where someone didn't dare to publish science, poetry, or fiction? Can  you imagine a world where people didn't change fashion, hair styles, or jewelry? Can you imagine a world where your job is assigned to you regardless of desire, education is only for those selected, or free speech is only accepted if it matches the demands of the group?

The power we have as a people is in our individuality. Our survival is dependent upon being different. All those wonderful differences create change, awareness, and wonderful growth. Art, science, fashion, music, enlightenment... are all things that came from one person daring to present a new view.

Think about that. Someone, somewhere, at some time set in motion something wonderful that now graces your life. Maybe you have become so accustomed to it you don't realize it but such things are all around you.

People are not our enemy. Thought is not our enemy. Expression is not our enemy. Diversity is not our enemy. We are one made up of many. Each and every soul matters.

The power of one is in you. What do you want, feel, think, or even desire? What brilliant beauty or mercy do you wish to share or enlighten the rest of us with? It's ok to disagree, not enjoy the same things, or even have the same vision.

All those differences and passions are what make us great. Yes they may divide but if we respect and honor each other then we have peace. Change is ok. Never fear change. It does not mean you have to, but it does mean you have to extend honor and respect to those who do think so.

Yes good things can and may be lost due to change. That is ok to. We as people struggle to understand and achieve. Maybe we lose sight of things for a while in our ambitions but we do eventually restore balance. Sometimes we have to get hit over the head to realize it but we do.

The power of one is the fuel of dreams. Will you ignite your soul and shine in the great void dazzling all who gaze upon you or sit silently in the dark wondering what lurks and preys upon you in the ebony cloud?

The choice is simple, be!

Love is Never Wrong!

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