Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A Different Path

I had a deep and interesting conversation with a old friend recently and I think I left him unbelieving, more understanding, and a bit sad. We talked about so much and for the first time I put my life into some perspective for him. At the end his eyes looked lost and he was shaking his head. Sadly in my telling him my reality he learned just how cruel life and some people are.

Maybe I walk a different path that others is what I came away with. I have hope for the world, each and every one of you. I think every one of you matters. I want you all know love and peace and live, live a good life. And yes, unlike the hollowness of some who say this, I love you.

I know many in our world have lost their way. Somewhere along the way they bought into  the belief more is better, they are more important, and people with less are not worthy. The attitude if your not helping me you are not important has flourished. 

You know I am not perfect, I do not have all the answers, and I won't pretend to tell you how to live your life. Maybe ;however, you consider my thoughts to be silly and naive. One thing I can tell you is we all matter. We all love and if we can not tap into that feeling for another Human we are doomed.

Everyone maters. Everyone deserves the ability to live. Everyone deserves the ability to live peacefully. Everyone deserves love. Most importantly everyone deserves the ability to learn, live, and grow of their own free will.

Free will what a wonderful gift, yet a thing so many seek to destroy. Exert your power, share your love, lift others up, and please give them the space to be themselves. You don't have to agree, you don't have to understand, and you don't have to sacrifice you.

The only sacrifice I think anyone must make is love. Touch someone in need. Give someone understanding. Be sure they can be who they are. Make sure all can live.

Maybe my words are scary. Maybe they are alien. Maybe it's not how the world works but it does not mean it can not. The blessings of tomorrow are born today. This world can be a wonderful place now. All it needs you to do the right thing.

Who knows your single act may teach another and then we have two. Two can become four and eventually a multitude. Love that wonderful emotion shared and spread across the breast of Humanity. It's not just a dream. It is a dignity, an honor, and a grace that is so sacred.

Walk your path in this world but look around you. Feed that person who is hungry. Help the person who struggles. Defend those so hurtfully taunted. Show others how to grow.

Love! Go figure, such a simple thing. A simple thing that only took you to take a little time and reach out.  Live for today and do the right thing. Those are the harvests of tomorrow and feed billions.

I invite you all to walk my path. Share the joys of a journey so grand that even becoming lost is a wonder.

Love is Never Wrong!

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