Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Burning

I try not to do negative posts but instead lift people up. There is to much pain and cruelty in the world as it is. However today I am going to make an exception and touch on darker things. Bear with me.

Right now the world in the midst of change. It could go good or bad. There are people right now who could be or are leaders of the world, who think noting of burning the world and slaughtering millions in the name of their beliefs or desire for power.

We as a people have worked so hard to come above that. We fought for thousands of years to create a society where we can be free and secure, each one of us.

There is no time left. You must act. You must embrace this world and everyone in it and come to peace. Lift each other up and remove those who so hatefully seek to march over the blood and bones of others.

Each of you has the power to say no. Each of you has the will to stand up for what is right. It is not right to hurt. It is not moral. It certainly is not the will of any God.

I can not make you act but know this. When the world burns remember you had a choice. When those flames finally reach you your cries will join the host of others.

Put out the fire before it is out of control. It's your choice.  If you do we can grow. I you do not the world burns. This is not an exaggeration or distortion. This is fact.

I wish us all love and peace.

Love is Never Wrong!

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