Friday, November 11, 2016

The Secret of Life

Philosophers for the ages have debated the secret of life. So many have delved deep into the psyche of so many and pondered. They have always put forth this idea or that. It never quite covers all however. The irony is the secret also does not cover all.

Now I am sure many will debate my explanation but think about it for a while. The secret of life is simply love. Yes that lofty emotion I have written so much to you all and implored you to embrace.

A life of love... It may not eliminate all of life problems but it is the solution. Love... You care to listen to those around you , even when you disagree. You extend dignity even when you don't receive it. You help even when you don't have enough yourself.

Maybe if we gave love more of our power all those problems and obstacles would fade away as we finally realize what you give is ultimately what you get back. If you truly loved when you hurt another the first thing in your mind would be accepting the price of your act. For that is love. You acknowledge the wrong and do what is needed to repay whatever debt you owe.

There can be no resolution without love. If you can not extend grace, kindness, forgiveness, and yes love then you will not receive it. Some say I am naive with such thoughts but I say to you what is more honest and true?

No one is a perfect person. We all get hurt, lost, and afraid. We make errors and poor choices. The question is do we learn, make amends, and heal? Love, in all it's splendor, is quite possibly the most complex thing to understand and live.

Love is the root of it all. It is the light in the darkness and the road to all recovery. Will it erase all hate and violence in your life? No! Will it change minds and hearts? Yes! Love is not as voluminous as hate but it is far far more potent. You want to solve the worlds problems then begin with love.

Love people, love life, love your world. Most importantly love you. You may not be the shape, size, form, or even color you want but if you love anything can happen. Never settle! Never settle for anything but love.

Reach into your heart, embrace that inner part of yourself, and let it show to the world. Be vulnerable, be honest, and be sincere. Appreciate the medley all about you. See the stings of our grand chorus. Maybe just maybe if enough of you love, those wonderful strings will resonate into the song of a wondrous life a wondrous world.

Let your heart sing. Listen to others hearts sing. Love is in the tune. Believe in you and believe in them. And when that infectious smile finally rises upon the crown of you lips you will finally understand the secret of life. Love!

Never settle! Love the tune of your life, your soul. Love, even in the darkness. For the secret has never been hidden, only obscured by darkness and clutter that shrouds our lives. Clear the clutter, turn on the lights and see that wonderful you.

Our only limitation is our vision. Love has no limits.

Love is Never Wrong!

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