Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When We Fight

Since I have covered so much about love and avoiding the conflicts that tear us apart I thought I should cover when we should fight. Fighting is not a always physical conflict but it is always a struggle.

We should always fight when we have no other option left. We should never allow a person to be hurt or left behind. Human history has had enough of that and we simply can not afford it any more. To much blood and pain has been let. It's time to heal and its time to move forward.

So skipping the poetic, I say we fight for every dignity, life, freedom, and love. This world, right now, is all we have. We fight so that we preserve the integrity of each and every soul. No one is less than or worth leaving behind.

Now as a measure of balance I also need to say don't be reckless and stay on message. When your efforts divert from the topic you make it about a person or group. In other words you give them the power not the issue.

When you give power your struggle is now on their terms. Never do that and never leave anyone behind. Passion, struggle, and all the other confusions of day to day life can divert us from our focus. So if you must fight for yourself or others then remember do so purely for the issue.

In a struggle of ideology it is always about beliefs, never the person or group. We are all worth saving. Remember that. It will serve you well. Defeat the belief and the people who follow it will fade. Finally fight with love.

Now as I have said peace is the expression of love. This does not mean we can not struggle and have love. Love is the the tempering of conflict. Know when to show honor, respect, and reconciliation. Know when to forgive and extend your hand.

People get lost, hurt, or simply do not know any better. Maybe they were never given the tools to look beyond themselves and their world. You must reach them just as much as the ones they hurt. Because if you do not we trade one set of lives for another.

I can't say I support fighting as any option other than a last one. But I can say when it comes to the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness of all you must stand. Stand in surety that all people matter and deserve equality.

I abhor violence but I abhor the defenestration of love and life even more. Everyone has different levels of tolerance before they are ready to fight but we all have a choice in how we fight. Ive told you all when we fight and how to fight. When is up to you.

Fight with love. Fight for love. Always honor life.

Love is Never Wrong!

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