Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Trumpet of Love

Yesterday I talked about when we fight. I've certainly talked plenty about love. So today I have a simple message. The world is not a perfect place. It may never be. However people are hurting and in great need.

The trumpet of love is now sounding. Will you heed it's call?

Life is not always beautiful. It's preservation and uplifting however is. Go forth and lift every soul. Feed the hungry. Help the needy. Give hope when their is despair. Heal wounds ever so deep. Give love to the unloved.

Love's clarion call echo's forth. You are the love, the hope, and the power. If we act the harvest of our lives will be bountiful. If we do not our fields will be barren and full of vultures.

Everyone on this Earth deserves dignity and a life of love. It is time we do it together. We may be many but we are and always have been one. The choice is yours. Live and honor life! Hear the call of love's trumpet. Go where it takes you. Help the ones it sounds for.

Spread love and tend it well. It is the only harvest that sustains all.

Love is Never Wrong!

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