Friday, March 25, 2011


I mention love quite  bit in my writings on here because I believe it to be a powerful force in the world and all our lives. Its is not just the fleeting affection of new love, or the security of old love. It is life.

In all things we should show love. If you disagree with someone do so in love. Never put out hate because everyone is Human and words can be silent daggers. Extend respect and dignity. Only with tireless patience and example can we unlearn the hate and intolerance.

When you are wronged show love. Forgive them as well as yourself. For Human reaction is lash back. But don't fuel the exchange. Unlearn fear.

Stand against hate, stand against intolerance. Stand with love and be the immovable force in this world. Only in love will we reclaim the territory hate squats upon. Deny it light and fertile field. Let it wither upon its own vine for it will strangle its self.

Grow love for it is the only crop that can sustain.

Love is Never Wrong

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