Monday, March 21, 2011


In western society justice is usually depicted by a woman holding the scales of truth to balance truth and innocence, a sword to defend the innocent and meter justice swiftly, and a blindfold to be impartial to that which is around us so our hearts are not unjustly tugged toward emotion. If good men and women hold these seats of deliberation justice is served.

Throughout our history much good and fairness has ruled and allowed contintious issues to be settled fairly. It may have taken time and it may have been compromise between two sides but it was fair as justice saw it for its time.

Sadly however we never gave Justice a shield to defend herself. It has been the solemn duty of good men and women to accept they are in the wrong and abide by decision. Today however we face men and women who seek to remove the blindfold, dull the sword, and pre-weigh the scales.

How does Justice combat men and women who seek to change the letter of law because they will not accept the decision metered to them? How does justice maintain blindness when every person is not equal under law? How does Justice swiftly defend the innocent when she has no power left to do so?

Some may say I am overreacting. Some will say it is the duty of society to clarify law according to society's views. Some may even argue justice was never intended to judge morality.

Justice; however, is supposed to be impartial and removed from such things. It is the duty of Justice to clarify and interpret the law fairly for all under its protection. Justice should be observed because the honor of good men and women can admit they are wrong and stand in fairness.

So what is the answer? I am not Justice but I believe in the system of law. Justice may be blind but we are not. It is our duty to observe and record all that is wrought improperly. It is our duty to stand against those who would corrupt Justice, to their own means. When justice can not defend herself it is our duty to pick up the sword of truth and defend her. For any society that is judged by the will of some, not all, is a society in contention with its self. Revolutions have been started on less.

I advocate no violence. That not the answer. Violence only sets people in their ways and fosters resentment. I do advocate we defend our system, our laws, and our freedom. Without such we begin a path to oppression  that is rarely solved by internal populations.

Become the sword and shield that defends Justice. It is the duty of good men and women to preserve Justice. We are protected and judged by her. So in her image should we not hold such true?

Stand and protect that which is right.


Love is Never Wrong

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