Sunday, March 27, 2011


I never sit here when I write and pretend to know all the answers. I've lived enough life to know a good deal and learn many lessons. One of those is compassion. It is sometimes the rarest thing in Humanity.

We all know about giving and volunteering. However we seem to ignore showing dignity and respect with compassion. In my own life I have erred and been less than sensitive. The biggest mistake we can do is to dismiss someone.

In our lives we may not agree with people, care for their styles, or even their personality. This does not give us liberty to dismiss them as less than worthy of respect and dignity. Compassion is respect and dignity.

In compassion we feed the hungry, clothe the cold, and treat the sick. But let's not forget to extend compassion to all those we meet in life. Disagree, be concerned, change a subject, or even leave but never forget you are speaking or interacting with another Human. It's important how we treat others in life.

Compassion grows like a vine in the fertile earth. It's up to you to nurture it. That which you extend shall grow and thrive. For your vine is Humanity and you its caretaker.

Know compassion, extend compassion!

Love is Never Wrong

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