Wednesday, March 30, 2011


You know I hear so much of late how my existence is a threat to family. How my love can undo family values. So let me answer your statements with all candor.

I was born to parents like an other. They love me, my family loves me. I love them and the special people in my life. I believe in family and family values. I believe in love, honor, and compassion. The world has enough hate and intolerance. I shall not contribute to it.

When you legislate the terms of love and existence you become what your rhetoric proclaims. If in love I choose to spend my life with someone, I create a family. If in that love we choose to share our lives with children the world has ignored, I extend my family. If in love my family shares their lives with my greater family, we are family values.

I have never told anyone who they can love, how they can love, or whether they can love. I have never passed judgement on what a family is. Because family is unique. It is the lives and traditions of countless generations. Beyond that we are a Human family. Which ascends higher than any. Who we are and how we treat one another shapes us all.

I have never threatened the family. I am family! It is you who seeks to tear mine asunder. So in all honesty who is the enemy of family and family values?

Love is Never Wrong

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