Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Links of Love International XI

Today I have some more links for my international viewers. I hope you find them useful.

FFLAG or Families and friends of Lesbians and Gays is similar to the US PFLAG. They support members of the LGBT community as well as their friends and families. (UK)

Broken Rainbow is a support and information group. To me it seemed a bit sterile but they are factual from what I have read. (UK)

Gay Dads Scotland is a social and support group for Gay fathers. (Scotland)

The Safra Project is a support group for Lesbian, bisexual, or Transgender women who are Muslim. (UK)

LGBT Centre is a nicely done support and education site in Mongolia. Portions of the site are in English but the majority is in Mongolian. (Mongolia)

My last link for today is a listing of International grants in LGBT Programming.

Love is Never Wrong

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