Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Have you ever felt like the earth swallowed you up bringing you to its depths as the world ever pressed upon you? Your very breath being sucked away, like your a dirty cast off only good for fueling fire? A world of darkness all about you as you seem ready to implode from all that is assailing your soul?

A bleak picture it is. Or is it? What I just described is the process to form a diamond. Ironic isn't it that beautiful things are formed the same way? We as LGBT know this process very well. Some of us struggle our whole lives trying to escape the pressure and heat all about us by hate and intolerance. We seem to suffocate from demands to be what we are not. And when we can not be what is demanded of us we are little more than fuel for a harsh society.

But you know we are like the diamond. Place the purity of light upon us and we shine with a brilliance like no other. Every scintillating beam, varied color, and slight imperfection adds to the treasure of our lives. Like the diamond we are forever. Our beauty, our value has enriched this world as long as any others heritage, and shall do so as long as Humanity exists.

Like the diamond we can feel trapped as a lump of coal for so long, waiting to be free. And when we are we shine. We shine with the brilliance and joy of being allowed to be who we are. A just freedom from being contained so long.

Unlike the diamond ;however, we can free ourselves. There are always options in our lives no matter how oppressive they may seem. We have to realize we can shine. We have to realize the key to our freedom is to shine. Our beauty and our brilliance can change the world. As long as we believe we are only a dirty lump of coal, that's all we will ever be.

Blaze your life in the world and add to its beauty. We are all beautiful. Show your value, your beauty, your very soul. And like the diamond we are pulled by greed. The greed of those seeking to control and hold us. And for some if they can not have us seek to destroy us, all because our beauty shows the world we are more than that dirty lump of coal.

As I said before, it's ironic how beautiful things are born the same way. So add your brilliance to the crown jewels of Humanity and show the world value comes from within and if we choose to look upon it from truthful eyes it shines as wondrous as any.

Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder!

Love is Never Wrong

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  1. Thank you. At a time when I'm questioning who i am, and what i want to be, and what i can live with happily, this really makes me feel ever so much better. Thank you!