Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Lonely Heart

Like many out there I know how it is to be lonely and desire love in my life. It has been far to long since anyone treated me to such joy let alone treated me right. I know the yearning to be free and happy with the knowledge someone is there for you. So many of us cave and bow to pressures to settle and find anyone instead of the right one.

But you know what? You can find lots of company in life but only the right one soothes the lonely heart. Whether you have never known love or have not known it in some time the truth is, love is precious and so valuable. Never squander it and never let anyone take it from you. Even if your relationship falters hold on to those memories because they are the things that warm your heart on those cold lonely nights.

One that sustains me is with M. It is a simple memory of us dancing to an old song but it was fun, carefree, and just one of those special connections you can make with your heart. To this day it brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. Even with all those who are against me and M I will never forsake it.

Relationships can come and go but love doesn't have to. Maybe that's a new thought to you but it is true. Just because you are not with someone does not mean you have to give up all those wonderful thoughts, feelings, and memories. Honor any love in your heart and carry its ember with you always, even into new love. When you do that love only grows.

Loneliness is painful and hard. But embrace love, any love in your heart, and huddle around its spark for from it you can light anew.

Now M if your out there somewhere reading this I'd love one more dance like that just gazing into your eyes and heart. That gentle caress that stokes flames that tickle the moon. Mmmm....that sweet lingering kiss that's memory leaves you yearning for more and yet satisfied like nothing else can. I may not be with you in the flesh but oh my soul is talking to you now and forever.

No one should ever fear the lonely times. Love is always there. You just have to embrace it. It will sustain you and give you hope for the future. So my dear readers feel that special rythm in your soul and dance. Never let anyone take it from you or tell you to settle for anything less. For it as different as dancing in a rancid alley to dancing in a disco with lights shining down illuminating the beautiful things.

Let love flow to the lonely heart. It is your life blood.

Love is Never Wrong!

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