Saturday, April 23, 2016


Every one of us at some point has been judged by another or we have judged others. But how many of us actually examine how we judge people? Some of us judge by looks, actions, even words. But are all of those true representations of people?

I know in my own life people have mistaken my words at times to be arrogant. However when I quizzed the person on it they felt as though I was talking down to them simply because my vocabulary was larger than theirs.  That was not arrogance.

There have also been times when people judged me by my actions. I recall one time when someone saw me doing something that at surface value would look wrong. But they never asked why I was doing what I was.

Another time when I was not feeling well I went out with rather muted hair and baggy clothes and I clearly recall being stared at as if I were some wild person who popped out of a cave. Yet none asked me if I was alright.

If we add in the times I've heard blind comments on LGBT people and every other little nit pick wow what a life. Imagine that. People are quick to judge and they think they are right to do so. They think they know best.

You know this is sad thing. So many of us rush into judgement to remove people from our lives. We view them as unworthy, untrustworthy, and unlovable. How sad.

In my own time I to have succumb to such thoughts but I grew and overcame. I talked to people who didn't look good, dress well, or seemed odd. I said hello to those with different hairstyles, tattoo', and piercings. I sat down and talked to those who seemed to be isolated from others. I tried.

Do I still judge, yes. Do I try and overcome those bias and move forward anyway, yes. I think we all eliminate to many people in our lives simply based on observations that we don't know the motives or situations behind.

Life is full of people. Some don't look nice, feel good, have much money, or even understand how people are viewing them. Maybe we should take the difficult path and approach others outside our comfort zones and try finding out more. People are worth the time.  People have value, even the bad ones. People need help.

I'm not proposing you put your safety at risk but the next time you see someone you would normally stray away from try finding out more about them before you instantly say no. Who knows you may find a new friend, love, or even save a life.

Love, even when people discourage you.

Love is Never Wrong!

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