Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Kaleidoscope

Have you ever had the chance to play with a kaleidoscope?  It's such a simple device. A cylinder with mirrors and bits of colored glass, pebbles, or beads. When you look through it you see beautiful patterns. Each time you turn the cylinder a new pattern comes into view. There are so many possibilities depending on how the light and objects fall.

Each and every one of us enjoys beauty and has our own definition of what is beautiful. Like the kaleidoscope we may stop at a pattern and smile in delight. Some are content to gaze at the same design all of our lives. Others like to change their image now and then. Then we have the very few of us who are ever turning our kaleidoscope to see all the wondrous possibilities.

Life is ever changing and some of us change with the blowing wind.  Some of us stand out more vibrant than others. Still in all that wild adventure of fancy there is beauty. We create, dazzle, and amaze the heart and mind.

The problem with being one who constantly shifts their kaleidoscope is some can not understand why we are not happy with just a one or a few views. They don't understand life is ever evolving. There is nothing wrong with being content to live in an image and treasure it. However there is nothing wrong with constantly shifting your view either.

The simple truth is we all seek our definition in life. Some of us find it right away or are happy with the view we have. Others have not yet found a place where they wish to be. And the very few are happy embracing it all. Their definition is the whole.

Think about that concept for a moment. Some souls in this life shine with the brilliance of it all, not just a view. If that's not you then it's hard to understand. Try turning a nomad into a settled farmer. Try uprooting a family working a farm for generations. You cause great harm to not only them but society as a whole.

Life whatever your view is full of endless possibilities. It's ok to find your view on the first turn and it's ok to never stop turning. The point of life is find you and embrace that. Share it with the world, even if it does not understand.

Love and beauty go hand in hand. In order to enjoy a view you must have love for it. And for the few they love it all. Find your view and find your love. Like the kaleidoscope you are a brilliant display that enchants the heart and mind.

Dance  your dance and allow the light to shift and fold. Wear your many colors and treasure designs great and small. Shift and glimmer with each turn and fall where life allows. Each is a masterpiece of design, each of you are a masterpiece of design, your design.

Love is Never Wrong!

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