Friday, April 15, 2016

Finding Peace

Peace seems to be such an elusive thing in much of our community. We desire it so much but never seem to quite get enough of it. There always seems to be someone who feels the need to intrude in your life, force their will upon you, or just wishes to eliminate you from their world. They try to make you into something you are not and if they can not seek to remove your influence.

Regardless of the reason or cause peace is elusive because most of us have not been taught exactly what it is we seek. Peace in Human terms is freedom to be you. Yes it does include the the right of self-determination but it is much more. It is a life.

Peace begins when you are happy with you. Peace begins when you live as you. Don't mistake my words however. There may still be those who try to interfere in your lives or hurt you. Peace however begins in you. You choose to be you and live your life as you.

Short of some drastic revolution of the Human soul there will always be someone who thinks it is their place to bother and harass you in some way. With that knowledge accept you can not control everything, especially others. You can only be you.

What you can do is educate and show a life that is not so different than what others live. Be the example for people to see what they don't like or fear is not what they think. If  your life is about love no one can truly dismiss that. They may try but honesty paired with love is one of the greatest weapons we can wield.

I understand that some of us may put our lives at risk by being ourselves openly. I don't blame you for wanting to live and stay safe. With that statement though I must say, stay you. Educate in quiet places and if you can not hide anymore find a new place to live. It is a shame people must flee their homes but its a greater shame to die in darkness. A darkness forced upon you by your oppressors and your fear of leaving that which is familiar.

In the past I have taught you all so much about love and how it begins in you. So does peace. Peace is the extension of love. It is the love of ones self and desire for others to be themselves. Is it such a wonder why it is so elusive? So many of us are taught to judge others and to exert our will upon their lives.

The only will you should enforce in life is that to not harm others or yourself. So many roads lead back to us and our ability to love. Our ability to let go, forgive, and have faith in others as well as ourselves is powerful when seeking peace. But the most important power is love.

You probably get tired of my talks about love but know it is the origin of good things. It allows you to give the world good things. The first good thing you should give is yourself. As cliche as that may be it is true. When you honor and love yourself you share with the world the beauty that is you.

Life may always be a struggle but peace is not. It is already in you. You merely have to embrace it. Be you, live your life with pride and embrace who you are. If you must move a thousand times, forgive horrendous atrocities, or even tend wounds ever so deep, be at peace.

Love with others just happens but love of you begins with you working to accept that. Touch that inner light and feel the relief flow. Tell all those doubts and fears to dare walking in the light that is you. You will find they can not. You know why? Peace!

Love you and embrace the peace of being true to yourself. It will not solve all your problems but what a wonderful foundation to live a life, a pedestal of certainty and joy.

Love is Never Wrong!

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