Thursday, April 28, 2016

The LGBT Soul

Alright I think we need to talk about the role of being LGBT in spiritual terms. It seems to be the issue that sticks with so many conservatives now days. The issue they have is they say we are condemned by God. I contest no we are not.

First of all let's talk about our existence. We do exist and that possibility means by default God planned for us. Now some would say God created evil to but you don't have to choose it. Ah but there we go, the big one. Sex, sexuality, and gender identity are not choices.

Now before we go down the path of the ex-gay argument let's be clear. People can choose to experiment in life to find who they are due to many reasons. Maybe they simply don't know and make a mistake. This does not mean all people are like that. 

So we are back to God planned for us. This means we have both a purpose and a place. We love! Many of us worship. We fight for justice and not just ours. We honor family and friends, sometimes beyond what is reasonable. I don't know about you but that sounds like a path to the divine.

For those of you who like the God makes no mistakes defence. God created us and planned for us. Are you saying he made a mistake?

About those places in whatever religious text that say this or that. Did you bother to read the whole story? Do you understand different laws were given at different times to preserve the faithful. You do realize everyone has a path and everyones path is different.  There maybe certain truths but how, when, and where you get there varies.

The certain truths in life are we all have free will, we all have a soul, regardless of birth we all have a path to the divine, and we are all loved. Yes back to love. That one word that means so much but so many forsake. If you don't know love you can't achieve anything beyond a Hell of your own design.

I'm LGBT I have a soul. God planned for me and has a place for me. God loves me. God gave me free will. With this free will I am now speaking to you all. Here is what I have to say.

Put down that stone for you are not without sin. Only he who is without sin can judge. No man or woman who walks this earth is without sin.  It is the nature of the world.

God has not made a mistake. He knows every possibility. Mistakes are the fault of man. Just a few...

God we are lonely. God created woman. Woman was not a mistake but now man has to deal with duality. Masculine and feminine.

We were given paradise and asked simply to not eat the fruit from two trees. Yet we did and were cast into a world to ever work for things. 

God we need a leader. His reply  I am your leader. No God, on the Earth. So we got a king. We asked for and got a system that would never be perfect.

Are you seeing the issue yet? In love God gave us what we needed and desired. He did so with love. He did so knowing we were making our own paths harder.  Maybe it's time to stop clinging to people and words in a book and start living and embracing love.

From love all things spring. From hate all things disappear. Think about that. Do you really wish for your world to grow smaller, darker, or colder? Or do you wish your world to grow larger, brighter, and warmer?

Quite simply no matter what a book says, a person says, or a thing seems odd you do not have any right to harm it. That includes yourself.

Have you heard the old phrase you are perfect as you are? God made you the way you are. Yes people can and will hurt you in life. You may get confused or not understand but it will pass. Your path is your own.

As a fellow person on this grand journey may I suggest you worry more about your journey than your destination. Why you may ask? Because your journey determines your destination.  If your not paying attention you may very well miss all the wonderful things that have been placed in your life and all the wonderful clues how to get where you want to go.

Go where you will. But know your choices determine your outcome. Others may not like who you are, how you look, or how you express yourself. But that does not matter. What matters is in you. The first step in understanding that is being honest in who you are.

Back to the LGBT soul. We are, always have been, and always shall be children of God. We are loved, planned for, and thus intended. Who are you to come between God and his will? Who are you to say God made a mistake? And as such being created with divine power and spirit who are you to blaspheme the spirit of God?

Love! No one said you have to understand, agree, or like all things or people but you should love. For it is the only path.  Anything else is an illusion.

Love! Love yourself! Love others!

Love is Never Wrong!

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