Sunday, October 23, 2016


Conflict is one of those things most every minority knows. Sometimes it is subtle and deliberate and others it is open aggression and war.  However it is always about someone trying to take something from you, be it power, resources, or even life.

There are always people who believe their way is right, even at your expense. They see only what they gain. As such these kind of people usually devour things like locusts in their greed. Doing the right thing is not their concern only satisfaction of their desires.

Dealing with such people means we must be ever so vigilant. You must observe things far beyond the surface. Always examine intent and actions. Else you will find yourself in a war your not even aware is happening.

Is a very public hate crime truly what it seems or a distraction? Is an emergency time for others to change the rules of the game while your in disarray?  Is hopelessness the tool for which to hook you upon their salvation? Is salvation truly salvation if it is not in practice, vision, and reality?

The reasons for conflict vary and in some ways are not as important as detecting them. Know this:
There is no problem or challenge you can not achieve on your own.  There is no shortage of resources from which to draw. No situation is hopeless. Finally life, all life, is the most important thing in the universe.

I'm quite sure many would argue these points but it is true. The blessings of life are innate and endless. Only when you begin to limit life do you begin to suffer from shortages.

Call it what you will but life, love, freedom, and prosperity are the hallmarks of true progress. Our own self made limitations are what hold us back. If we add in those from conflict then you further create shortages. The path to abundance is freedom.

A free soul, life, or journey allows you the opportunity to engage and learn anything and everyone. It is this diversity and exchange that lifts us higher. Think of this wonderful existence as a jigsaw puzzle. Each and every piece has another piece of wisdom. The more you assemble and touch the more you grow and understand.

Science and technology are nothing more than tools in the path of knowledge. Why you may ask? Because science measures only what it knows and can see. It is your spirit and soul that drives for what is beyond. They fabricate the blueprints for what is to come and how to overcome.

Conflict is not always avoidable but it should never be policy or any option other than your last. Conflict is pure selfishness. You already have enough limits by your own vision why create more with a conflict with others?

Stand in the light, discuss ideas and needs, share your resources even when you have little yourself. For the strength of life is in the sure knowledge we are all one. We may be different shapes, sizes, colors, even origins but we are one.

Precious things: If the price of gold is equal to your desire, what is the value of life?  Is conflict worth its destruction, harm, or change?

I don't know about all of you but when I look around, I see we are in a war, a war we are not aware of. A war most devious seeking to manipulate and control not just us but the very foundations of life on our world.

Well as one citizen of this celestial sphere of nearly seven and a half billion souls I claim my right to my fourteen and a half square kilometers as my birthright and say no more. This is my home, my life, my soul and if you can not come in peace then leave and never return.

Know this, whenever a issue of the whole is concerned no leader can speak for the whole. Some things are so sacred they must require the permission of each and every soul. As I have said the value of the one is equal to the value of the whole.

Life no matter how small is priceless. I know that is a difficult concept to live by but it is most true. So my dear friends I entreat you to look around and observe what is in your vision and world. Are you in a conflict? If so deal with it in the light of day for things done in darkness never end well.

Love! Love life and live love. The opposite of conflict is peace. Peace is the product of love.

Love is Never Wrong!

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