Thursday, October 6, 2016

Immoral Garbage

Recently I had the displeasure of reading a prominent minister proclaim people who are transgender and any policy that benefits them is immoral garbage. I sat and shook my head. Then I read the article to another who was appalled.

You know I have been trying to think about how I want to reply to this time and time again since it was written. Yes I could rip it apart with religious text, but why? Anyone who has already given up on free will and the welfare of another Human has already crossed to a dark place.

This to makes me sad. Dark places are not pleasant. Take it from me these sort of people make life Hell. Having walked path' pitch black I can only tell you no one is safe in those areas, even those of you who proclaim in righteous indignation.

So let me say simply and in dignity for all involved....

The rights of the one, the few, are equal to the rights of the whole or majority. You can not distinguish the two. You can not divide the two. Like it or not we are one, made up of many. Like the rainbow we take on many different hues.

When you dismiss one or any you have only achieved removing yourself form the whole. You have begun a path of inhumanity, you have become a beast. And yes think of that in spiritual terms.

Life is not always pleasant and life is not always grand but each and every person is. Every soul matters and every one deserves the freedom to be themselves in peace. Good men legislate the rights of all. Bad men legislate the removal of rights.

The righteous lift others up. The immoral judge and tear them down. Which are you? Can you disagree and grant another the freedom to be themselves? That is the point I do believe. Each of our lives is our own.

However we choose to live, however long we have, and in whatever way life is each of ours. I think if I were to phrase it in spiritual terms it would be God selected each soul and gave it life. He gave them free will. He set the rules and left it to you to decide. You were even instructed not to judge.

In all things, every soul, is free. Every soul must choose their path. It is not our place to hinder or hurt. The beauty of life is how it unfolds and blossoms in the morning light. Ripping out weeds, wild flowers and plants simply because it is not your design doesn't make it more perfect. It makes it your will.

In life it is our will, whenever we go beyond ourselves. Like drifting seeds upon the wind we are carried to far and different corners. We land and take root. The soil or rock from which we make our home nourishes us and the light above grants us energy and warmth.  We blossom into our own.

You see I dislike the term garbage for I don't believe anyone should be thrown away no matter how much we have been hurt, don't agree, or understand. As for the immorality that is apparent. When you hurt, damage, or remove that precious seed that has taken root, God's seed, you have become immoral.

Don't get me wrong I am not a perfect person. I have lapse' and failings like any other. However, I try to respect all life, as best I can. I certainly don't agree with everyone but I never advocate for the removal of their rights to be themselves, even if it is difficult.

So now allow me to share a spiritual lesson. And yes it applies to those of you who do not believe in God.

The blessings of life are innate. All life is the same. We may be different colors, shapes, sizes, even textures but we live and we share an existence. Yes  you have the freedom to deny that but it does not mean you are right.

Immorality does exist but no one is garbage. So what is immoral garbage? Immoral garbage is the idea you have right or place to judge and remove any other life. Maybe if you allowed that wild dandelion that landed in your garden to grow you would see its brilliant yellow bloom gaze back at you. Near its end you would see it transform into a lofty white plume that blows with the wind to land in another distant place.

All things are beautiful in the garden of life. You just have to stop and look at it. Love even what you do not plan, understand, or envision. Love people and things that choose shapes and colors that don't resonate with you. In the garden of mankind it is us, all of us. Love knows no bounds and love grows where it will.

It may not be your style, color, or choice but it is beautiful. Love!

Love is Never Wrong!

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