Friday, October 21, 2016

What Really Matters

I find it interesting that so many people find one issue or another the most important thing to focus on for our community. Having just finished an article on gun control to save LGBT lives I shook my head. They seem to miss the point even when they state it in their article.

Let us be very honest and simple. The most important thing in LGBT terms or even Human is people. Nothing more and nothing less. You can dance around this point or say we have to do this first but you still miss the point.

We are at a time and place where it must be done. No avoidance, no diversions, no petty selfishness and half measures. Take care of people! Respect people! Lift people up! Freedom!

It is people who shoot one another. The reasons are many but it still boils down to people. Some may need help. Some need help and protection from others. Some just need to be made aware what the truth is. Change minds and change lives. Yes it is far more expensive and time consuming but the fact is Human life is priceless. No investment is to much.

Some say we must have protection from religion where the other side say they need protection from violation of conscience. What's the truth? The truth is we are both right. It's never easy when you have two people of free will in a difference of opinion. However the truth is you have the right to your beliefs so long as yours do not violate mine.

As I already said it's about people. Whatever the issue its' about all of us. It is time we see the people on the other side of our issues. It's time we stop being selfish and thinking its our way or no way. It's time we embrace our fellow man, even in disagreement.

I don't care if your leftist, conservative, fascist, communist, or whatever. What matters is people. Whatever government or society owes its people the best they can do, not whats leftover. At the same time you owe every other society or government the same respect.

The most important things in life are people. Everything in your life is affected by you and everyone else. You may not like everyone and everyone's choices but life is about us. We are one, made up of many. Every individual is just as important as the whole. It is an inconvenient truth but a truth none the less.

So now we understand whats most important how do we choose what to focus on? That's simple, people. All people and all issues share equal value. There is no shortage of time and resources. That is an illusion. The only thing that has been short is will.

Maybe we need to take those blinders off and see all those around us. Maybe if non LGBT people saw how we are hurt and struggle they would understand. Maybe if we saw how they don't understand or fear the unknown we might be more patient on helping them understand.

No one should be hurt and no one should suffer or die. People are people and we are all imperfect beings. Maybe if we embraced love in vision and action you would see all those problems melt away.

Say what you will but if your actions are for anything but love it is only about you. Like I said the world is about us. It's certainly not convenient and may frustrate us greatly but as I mentioned life is priceless.

Choose your topics and address how to handle them but understand it is people you are dealing with and tending to. The universal language is love. Have that and you have a host of wonderful things like respect, compromise, help, peace...

Hmm... Love... The root, the life, the solution.

Love is Never Wrong!

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