Sunday, October 16, 2016

Those Who Care

This election cycle here in the U.S. has certainly been an adventure down some of the nastiest halls of Human history. As before I still say educate yourself and choose who you believe in. Allow me to add a level of criteria for you however.

Being LGBT we have had many things thrown at us. Namely others in our community who claim to support a candidate or another. So with this back and forth of who to side with here are a few points for you to note.

If a candidate strolls out 3-4 people who claim to be LGBT that support them question it. Are their lesbians, LGBT parents, transgender, and proud bisexual people who stand with them as well? It is easy to find a few who will flock to one side or another but if it is not a wide support then question their motives toward you. People who truly care embrace all.

Remember we are like any other communities we have our rich and privileged elite, trouble makers, racists, and deluded like any community. Don't be swayed by them. Choose carefully. It only takes a few to undo years of work.

If a candidate promises things examine their history. Do they live up to their statements or are they here for the election and gone tomorrow?  Choose a person who will stand with you today and tomorrow.

Like any community we all have special interests and needs. However, like any minority will tell you focus on the whole first. If we can not attain a place to stand then lesser promises mean little. We are and always have been equal. Never settle when it comes to Human rights!

Examine how a candidate treats other minorities. You will see how things will go with you as well. If they will mistreat one they will mistreat you. Even Hitler used the LGBT community in the early days and we saw how that ended, privileged or not.

Finally will a candidate stand with you? Will they visit LGBT centers, youth shelters, senior centers, and medical clinics to see what we need? Are we worth the time in their eyes?

As I said choose wisely and bear in mind some of the things I just mentioned. Scroll further down for more tips as well. Stand with those who care. Don't be fooled by idol promises and rhetoric.

Love is Never Wrong!

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