Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Right Thing

All around lately are people in a back and forth battle for some cause, injustice, or notion. They march out so sure in their justifications and confront those around them. They fight for their view. They see only their view.

You know I can admire a cause or even protest to right a wrong. However when you see only your view and only carry it out you have lost your mandate. This world is about us, all of us. Never take up the actions of those you protest to prove a point. If you do you only reinforce those on the other side because you are living up to their perceived threats.

I have been hurt and abused. I have known fear and pain due to being relegated to lesser than. I've had to hide to avoid conflict. Of all things I understand is frustration at every single action that makes you feel hurt or pain. However, I also know it must be me that swallows all that load I carry for the sake of peaceful change.

If I can not forgive and allow things to move forward I will become part of the problem. Yes we must nudge progressively forward to enlighten others but we must also realize they are Human and have little notion just how everything they do, say, and act impacts us. It is easy to not understand if you have never lived a life of struggle.

Our burdens may be heavy and our pains must go on longer than we wish but we must honor Humanity even when it falters or does not understand. Reach your hand out and forgive. Educate and chat in all due respect, even when you don't receive it.

The path of peace requires love. You must have love for you, them, and all things in life. Anything else is merely a victory in a war that you continue. And in wars you leave losers who bear the marks of your attrition and another generation will carry the torches to avenge that battle.

I don't know about you but I don't want war and I don't want another generation to fight the same things before us. This world, this universe has enough space and resources for all. It is us who must decide to share, learn, and lift each other up.

Equality begins in respect. Respect begins in love.  Love begins in you. Love or do not. Just know the right thing begins in you. If you can not or will not take that step then whoever or whatever you seek to change will not either.

Love, the right thing.

Love is Never Wrong!

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