Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gay California IV

Sorry for the delay everyone. Hopefully I can resume where I left off. Today's California focus is for the Transgender Community.  I hope these help.

The Lou Sullivan Society is located in San Francisco. It offer education support, advocacy, and general information. It is Female to male focused.

The Diversity Center is located in located in Santa Cruz County. The offer Transgender support and education services. This is a listing.

TansVision is a clinic focused for the Trans community.

The San Francisco Department of Public Health has a listing for a Trangender Clinic.

The Pacific Pride Foundation, in Santa Barbara County, offers education, support, and health services.

T Girls Nights offers Transgender friendly social events in southern California.

FTMInternational offers information and resources to those needing them regardless of location.

The Transgender Law Center is an advocacy group.

The Los Angeles Gender Center offers a whole experience list of services.

Gender Wellness of Los Angeles  is a counseling and support center.

The FTM Alliance of Los Angeles offers support and basic services.

TransGender San Francisco offers support and education services.

Trans families in Sacramento offers support services to not only to members of the trans community but their families and friends as well.

The Sacramento Transgender Coalition offers education and support services.

The Rainbow Gender Association of the south San Francisco Bay area offers education, support, and some advocacy.

The Orange County Transgender Coalition is an advocacy group with resources to refer to.

The Stanislaus PRIDE Center has a support group listed.

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