Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gay Maryland I

Maryland, the Free State. Nestled in the middle of the Atlantic coast its a unique blend of north and south to form its own definition. Today is your day and so will tomorrow since you have so much to offer.

Baltimore Pride offer social events to foster community awareness and offer education and support to the LGBT community.


Chesapeake Pride is a social event to support our community and offer education to both us and the greater community.


The GLBT Community Center of Baltimore & Central Maryland offer a wide array of services from education and support to social events and advocacy.


Loyola University has two resources. The first is Spectrum. It is a gay-straight alliance. The second is OutLoyola. It is comprised of the faculty and staff to foster awareness to issues for the LGBT community.



William & Mary has their Gay and Lesbian Alumni group. Support and advocacy are their focus.


Johns Hopkins has the Diverse Sexuality and Gender Alliance. The site is a bit dated from earlier 2010 but may just be neglected so contact them to find out more.


Morgan State University has Rainbow Soul. It is a gay-straight alliance. They offer education, support, and advocacy.


Goucher College has Prism. This is only a listing. Direct contact is required for more information.


The University of Maryland School of Law has their LGBT Law Student Alliance. This is just a listing.


The University of Maryland, Baltimore County has Freedom Alliance. The is a easily navigated site with many resources of all topics. Check them out.


The Baltimore Men's Chorus offers a great way to join in and express yourself or just get out and enjoy the music.


Love is Never Wrong

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