Monday, January 17, 2011

Health and Well Being

Today I am taking a break from state links to post some more national ones. Specifically those dealing with LGBT health and well being. It's not enough to live. We should thrive and have resources to help us do that.

The National Coalition of LGBT Health is dedicating to improving our health on all levels.

AIDS United has a powerful mission, End the AIDS epidemic. I think we can all support that one.

Stop the Hate is part of Campus Pride. They strive to make changes to make our lives safer and less stressful due to hate and associated crimes.

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates do exactly what their name implies. They fight for fair treatment and equality in the workplace. We should all be safe and treated fairly while at work.

Fight OUT Loud is a group that aids members of our community and our allies by offer support and education resources for those in need. They also do some advocacy work.

Love is Never Wrong

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