Sunday, January 2, 2011

Gay Idaho

Idaho, the Gem State, is dominated by mountains. Today is your day.

The Boise Gay and Lesbian Community Center offers a safe environment for the LGBT community to gather. They offer support and educational resources. Check them out.

PFLAG has a chapter for Eastern Idaho. The resources are basic but easy to navigate. Most PFLAG groups have more resources than they list so contact them if you need anything. This chapter also sponsors a youth specific group. It is only a listing.

The University of Idaho has two resources available. The first is the LGBTQA Office. They offer support, education, and advocacy. They have some good resources that include financial aid and work programs. The second resource is their Gay Straight Alliance. They offer education, support, and social events. Check them both out.

Boise Pride is mainly focused on social events to provide education, and support to the the LGBT community and raise community awareness.

Boise State University has BGLAD. They offer education and support resources. This is a Yahoo group so you will have to log in to access it.

The Youth Alliance for Diversity if focused toward support and social activities for LGBT youth. The web site is currently under reconstruction. It can be noted however it is a sub group of the Boise Center above so if nothing else refer to them for help.

Inland Oasis is a volunteer run community center in Moscow. They have resources for youth, health, and general support. They also hold social events.

Love is Never Wrong

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