Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Gay Maryland II

Today I continue yesterdays post on Maryland.

Hearts & Ears is a organization the specifically works with the mental health issues in the GLBT community. Since we as a group have a higher instance of such due to our stress in life I am very happy I found this site to offer everyone. They also have a hotline.

The Baltimore Trans-Masculine Alliance is a Myspace group offer support for the Trans community.

The Community College of Baltimore County has PRIDE Coalition. They offer education, support, and some advocacy.

The University of Maryland has four resources for you to utilize. The First is their LGBT Studies Department. Next is their Graduate Coalition. They have their Pride Alliance and finally their LGBT Equity group. All together they offer many resources and ways toward advocacy. Check them out.

Towson University has their LGBT Student Development department. They offer several resources. Education, support, social events, and advocacy are among those. It takes some trips through the many links but you can find what you need or a way to find help. 

Community Triangle of Washington County is a community center. They offer education, support, social events, and some advocacy.

PFLAG Has three chapters in Maryland. The first is Columbia-Howard County.  They have good resources listed. The second site is Central Maryland. They also have good resources listed.  The third is one in Carroll County. Little is available on the site but they should have more locally. Check them all out if you need something.

Rainbow Youth & Allies is focused on youth up to age 22. They offer education, support, and advocacy resources.

The Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf strives to help all those in our community dealing with being deaf. They offer support and advocacy resources.

Equality Maryland is an advocacy group that offers many resources.

Hereford High School has a gay-straight Alliance. Its just a listing but if you go there and did't know you now have a resource to seek out.

Love is Never Wrong

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