Friday, January 21, 2011


Today I want to remind everyone to dream.

Dream of the world as it should be.
Dream your joy.
Dream away the fear.
Dream away the tears.
Dream what you can not see.

Dream of love.
Dream of hope.
Dream of laughter.
Dream of peace.
And dream of love again.

I may not be a great poet but I can dream and so can you. If for a time it has to be your world then so be it. Dreams can become reality, if we so choose. So if dreams keep you with us then dream the best world you can. Be a dreamer! Great things spring from dreams and those who dare to dream. And when your ready share those dreams do so because what a wonderful world they can make.

For we are such stuff as dreams are made on
And our little lives rounded with sleep.

- William Shakespeare

Love is Never Wrong

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