Monday, January 3, 2011

Gay Kentucky

Kentucky, the Bluegrass State. United we stand, Divided we fall is their motto. It's one we in the LGBT community should always remember as well. This is your day.

The Kentucky Fairness Alliance is an advocacy organization.

The Fairness Campaign  is and advocacy group.

The Gay and Lesbian Services Organization is a community center based in Lexington. They seem to have a lot of programs but I had trouble with their menu and access. If it continues please let me know.

PFLAG has chapters in Bowling Green, Lexington, and Louisville. The Bowling green site is blog style and a bit dated from October. Not much online. The Lexington site is also blog style and up to date with news/events. Little in actual online resources though. The Louisville site has general info online and refers you to contact them for your needs. They usually have decent resources to help so do so if you need something.

The Louisville Youth Group is focused on support and social events. Like most youth groups ages from teens to college age is usually their core. They have a nice list of local resources and tips. Check them out.

Eastern Kentucky University has Pride Alliance. Many resources and links are available here. A definite place to check out.

The University of Louisville has two resources. The first is their Office for LGBT Services. They offer education, support, and some advocacy. The second source is Common Ground. It is a gay-straight alliance style group. Little directly available online but it seems support focused with some social events.

Western Kentucky University has GLBTQ. It is a basic site with decent resources. They need some more definition of their services but it does seem support and education are their focus.

Berea College has a Gay-Straight Alliance. This is a Facebook site so there is little online other than support so you will need to contact them directly for more information.

Northern Kentucky University has Common Ground. This is a Myspace page and I am not very impressed with it. It is dated and not very informative. I am only listing it because it may help someone needing help. If anyone has more info on this group please let me know. I am posting a warning with this site proceed with caution.

Love is Never Wrong

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