Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Fear, I think we all know how it feel or its effects upon us. The biggest is the hesitation it brings upon us. Sometimes it is only temporary but for some it drags on and on. Sadly that also makes it a part of your life.

When fear becomes part of your life it is much like barbed wire tied around your legs. Every time you move it is there, you feel it, and on every step it cuts into your flesh. To some they would rather feel that than deal with what they are avoiding.

It may seen counter to your minds view but always confront your fears. By all means keep caution but embrace the obstacles, people, and pains in your life. Live life with dignity. Live life with love. Also live life with humility.

In my own life right now I am reaching out to some people from my past to just talk and share so much that has gone unsaid for so long.  Some are hesitant and I hear it in their voices. They put things off and delay.

I'm sure they are expecting so much more than what is actually there. Maybe there are things that will hurt them or me. I really don't know their reasons but I hear their hesitations and hesitations are fear. Fear that lovely monster in the closet we are so sure is out to get us. 

I've known fear and a lot of it. It can paralyze if you allow it. Personally I don't like it. When I compose myself I try to deal with it. I suggest you do as well. If we do not we can not achieve love. And there is so many types of love from friends and family to romance and beyond.

If I have taught you all anything is love is worth investment and fighting for. So confront those fears that cloud your mind and embrace love. You will find things melt away and are no where near as bad as your mind made them to be.

Like I said before caution is fine but not fear. Live for love and live for life. Live in freedom!

Love is Never Wrong!

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