Thursday, March 31, 2016

When we Confuse Greed and Truth

I had a very interesting situation yesterday. While with family I was asked a question of why I could not do something so I answered honestly with I didn't have the money. I gave a bit of detail and the first reaction I got was "Well I don't have any."

This struck me twofold. One I was not asking for anything, merely explaining and secondly how insulting. This also struck me as a bigger trend in society as a whole. We hear a problem and we instantly excuse ourselves even when we are not being asked to help.

Don't get me wrong if you have no resources to help a situation fine. However to instantly remove yourself from reality when confronted with it is a harmful trait. Never recoil from truth. Take a break if you must but confront it.

Plenty of people in this world are hurting and in need. No one is asking you to take it on by yourself or even contribute to its solution but as is Human dignity you should embrace it. You should hear it and you should think about it.

The problems before us require all of us to solve, even if its a sympathetic ear and a hug. So before you rush to remove yourself from a situation you inquired about try making those in the situation feel better. There are many ways to help in life and most do not require money.

Try love it soothes wounds nothing else can heal.

Love is Never Wrong!

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