Saturday, March 5, 2016

The Burden of Shattered Lives

One of the most passionate things I carry with me as  LGBT, domestic violence survivor,  and the survivor of child abuse is how quickly ones life can be shattered. You can carry scars and pains for so long, some you never know are there till they erupt.

I am a firm believer each of us, no matter who we are, should try and pick up the pieces of us scattered about and  try to unlearn the hurt and pain. It is not easy. Some things we may never forget. Some things may have become second nature we react to.

When such horrible things happen I think there is a burden on society as a whole to help people heal and mend. Most of the time it's just a matter of love, support, and making sure they can trust others. It may take a very very long time but it is a burden we must all take.

I've said before everyone matters. We as a people move forward at the pace of our slowest member. It may not be convenient or desired but we can never be whole without them. And if we can not be whole then our future is just as shattered as those lives we left behind.

In my own life I have struggled to pick up most of the pieces myself. Thankfully though some good people have been there when I needed them. That being said there were also times when I was desperately struggling and no one would help or was around.

Each of us struggles with our own burdens in life but most of us are not being crushed under a tidal wave of pain. So please toss a life preserver to those in need or help them swim to safety. You never know what wonders you may unleash by saving a life or healing the wounded.

Beautiful things sprout from the seeds of love. Give everyone a chance to grow and bloom.

Love is Never Wrong!

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